3M Company: Don’t Buy Into Lawsuits In 2023


  • The 3M Company showed up on our screening results targeting dividend champions.
  • It is ranked the 8th top candidate among all 144 dividend champs featuring the best combination of quality and valuation.
  • Digging a little deeper, the stock indeed offers an attractive combination of profitability and valuation discounts.
  • However, the ongoing lawsuits surrounding its earplugs create too much uncertainty. Meantime, 3M also faces other legal battles such as the dumping of PFAS chemicals.
  • I don’t see the valuation discount properly compensating for the risks, and it is against our overall philosophy of NOT buying into lawsuits.
3M World Headquarters



We regularly scan the stock market by the so-called Magic Formula (“MF”) method. Readers familiar with this method can skip this entire session and directly to the next section to see our detailed analysis. The MF investing method was invented by Joel Greenblatt

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