Aadi Bioscience: FDA Approval Of Fyarro Only The Beginning


  • Aadi Bioscience receives FDA approval of Fyarro for treatment of patients with PEComa.
  • Fyarro (ABI-009) can be expanded upon in two specific gene pathways known as TSC1 and TSC2; this could bring access to thousands of new patients.
  • Further expansion of ABI-009 can be achieved with targeting other cancer subpopulations that have the mTOR pathway.
  • Aadi Bioscience had $161.4 million in cash and cash equivalents as of September 30, 2021; enough cash to fund operations into 2024.

Female scientist examining toxic liquid in laboratory.

skynesher/E+ via Getty Images

Aadi Bioscience (NASDAQ:AADI) received FDA approval for its drug Fyarro (ABI-009), which was approved to treat patients with a rare ultra sarcoma known as a PEComa. It is a small population of patients, but Fyarro is the first

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