Kinsman Oak Capital – Alphabet/Google: Natural Monopoly Would Cease To Exist


  • Alphabet Inc. faced controversy over AI tool Gemini, generating historically inaccurate images with extreme political leanings.
  • CEO Sundar Pichai addressed internal culture issues and emphasized the importance of objectivity in providing information.
  • We are again encouraged Sundar Pichai envisions the creation of an artificial intelligence solution that strives to provide objective and apolitical information to its end users or, at the very least, maintains the perception of doing so.
  • We do not believe a natural monopoly would exist under purely free market conditions.



The following segment was excerpted from this fund letter.


Alphabet, a longtime holding in our Fund, stirred up considerable controversy earlier this year when the company released their proprietary AI tool called Gemini to the public. Suffice it

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