Arrival: EV Hype Arrives At Reality


  • Arrival went public through SPAC at the height of two manias – SPAC and EV.
  • The timing couldn’t have been more right for investors looking to cash out.
  • Two years later, I am hard-pressed to find a single promise that can be fulfilled by the company.

Young girl with electric car without power in battery is looking for help

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2020 and 2021 were a godsend depending on which group you belonged to. For SPAC promoters, it was the right time to sell their questionable mergers to prospective investors. If this SPAC merger was with an EV company, then

Product pipeline of Arrival

Product Pipeline (Arrival Investor Presentation for SPAC merger)

Footnotes from arrival investor presentation

Footnotes (Arrival Investor Presentation)

Arrival SPAC investor presentation showing low costs to manufacture

Investor Presentation

Arrival investor presentation during their SPAC merger which shows how their new technology is low cost

Arrival Investor Presentation

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