AT&T: A Deal That Makes Sense


  • AT&T’s joint venture with BlackRock, GigaPower, LLC, provides the company with a way to grow outside of its core geographical area in a cost-effective manner.
  • The JV benefits both, but should help AT&T keep deleveraging its balance sheet while gaining new customers as roughly $1.5 billion in network buildout is completed by GigaPower, LLC.
  • Regulators should bless the deal, as it has the potential to bring fiber to underserved areas and could also open those same areas up to competition.

AT&T Reports 81 Percent Rise In Q2 Profit

Tim Boyle

We have made no secret of our bullishness for AT&T (NYSE:T) shares in recent months, having written two articles about the company. Our overall investment thesis rests on the debt and dividend, which we covered in depth in

AT&T 21-State Territory

There are many attractive areas outside of AT&T’s core 21-state market – especially in the Midwest and Northeast areas. (AT&T)

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