Cisco Systems Q2 FY23 Earnings: What To Expect


  • Cisco had a good Q1 FY23, with revenue and earnings up more than expected and a rise in guidance.
  • The transformation to software continues to be strong.
  • Since the last quarter, the market sentiment has changed positively due to easing inflation and upping hopes for a soft landing.
  • After positive Q1 FY23 numbers and with better sentiment, the management and analysts became more positive, resulting in better guidance and estimates.
  • Better sentiment could accelerate product orders, and a weaker USD could contribute to stronger sales growth in 2023.

Server room background



Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) designs, manufactures and sells everything needed to build and maintain IP networks, data centers, enterprise routing, and overall connectivity. To the newer segment belongs ‘End-to-End Security,’ which gives Cisco Systems a foothold in the cyber security sector, which is destined to

Cisco Q1 FY23 revenue highlights

Q1 FY 23 revenue highlights (CSCO IR)

Cisco Q1 FY23 software revenue

Q1 FY 23 software revenue (CSCO IR)

Cisco Q1 FY23 product orders

Q1 FY 23 product orders (CSCO IR)

Cisco Q1 FY23 RPO


Cisco Q2 FY23 Estimates trend

Estimates trend (

Cisco analyst Q2 FY23 estimates

Analyst’s Q2 estimates (

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