Computex Chronicles Part 1: Nvidia Expands GenAI Vision


  • At this year’s Computex trade show, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang described the concept of a new industrial revolution, with AI factories that are powered by Nvidia hardware and software.
  • Huang unveiled a product roadmap that extends into 2027 with the debut of the Rubin platform as the next evolution beyond the Blackwell platform that the company first unveiled at their GTC conference back in March.
  • Another area relatively new area that Nvidia has been discussing recently, and that Huang detailed in his keynote, was the company’s move into software and services.

Nvidia headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA


As I described in a recent LinkedIn post, this year’s Computex trade show in Taiwan is a historic one, with the CEOs of all the largest semiconductor companies in the world giving keynotes and doing so under the aura

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