GenAI-Powered Agents Bring Promise Of Digital Assistants Back To Life


  • OpenAI took the wraps off its new GPT-4o model and the accompanying update to ChatGPT that makes it possible to speak with ChatGPT in more realistic ways.
  • At its I/O developer event, Google unveiled a huge range of updates to its Gemini model and showed an impressive set of implementations of it.
  • Demos from both companies leveraged similar technologies that they and many other companies are clearly developing in parallel.
  • The timing and conceptual similarity of what OpenAI and Google demonstrated makes it clear that we’re a lot closer to having functional digital assistants than most people realize.

Business man using digital chatbot application Artificial Intelligence at home for online customer service. AI Chat Technology for Seamless Communication and Customer Engagement.

napong rattanaraktiya/iStock via Getty Images

Remember when we thought Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant were going to be really helpful? Yeah, me too…

Fast forward about ten years to today, however, and we’re starting to see some incredibly impressive demos

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