Google: Change In Valuation By A Strong Tailwind


  • Alphabet has been making a massive investment in buybacks for the last few quarters.
  • In the trailing twelve months, Alphabet has spent close to $60 billion on buybacks which is the second-highest amount after Apple.
  • If Alphabet’s free cash flow continues to grow at a steady pace, we could see total buybacks of close to a trillion dollars in this decade.
  • Apple has been able to expunge 40% of its outstanding stock since starting the buybacks, allowing the EPS to grow by 66% on a standalone basis.
  • It would be important to note the buyback pace of Alphabet in this quarter to gauge the future scale of this program and its impact on Alphabet’s EPS.

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Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) has made a bit bet in increasing the buyback program. The company has already spent close to $60 billion on buybacks in the trailing twelve months. Apple (AAPL) is in first place in

Decline in buyback pace in Meta and Microsoft while Alphabet and Apple continue to ramp up buybacks.


The company already reported $1.6 billion loss in Other Bets out of a total operating income of $17 billion in the last quarter.

Company Filings

Alphabet has a relatively stable free cash flow which meets the requirement for buyback program.


Future revenue growth estimates and forward PE ratio.


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