Is 3M A Top Dividend Aristocrat Stock Going Forward? No, Not Good Enough


  • 3M Company’s Q4 2022 financial performance and its 2023 guidance were disappointing, but MMM continues to do well in the area of shareholder capital return.
  • I like MMM’s long dividend payment track record and its attractive dividend yields.
  • But I have a less favorable view of 3M Company’s dividend growth expectations and dividend safety metrics.
  • A Hold rating for 3M Company is fair; MMM is a decent dividend stock, but it isn’t good enough to be a top dividend aristocrat.

3M tape manufacturing facility. This plant is part of the Industrial, Adhesives and Tape Division IV


Elevator Pitch

My rating for 3M Company’s (NYSE:MMM) shares stays as a Hold.

With my earlier September 6, 2022 update, I highlighted potential catalysts for 3M Company. I determine if MMM is a top dividend aristocrat in the latest write-up.

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