Lucid: The Upmarket Bet Is Increasingly Crowded


  • LCID’s bet on the upmarket segment may not work in its favor, especially with many legacy automakers similarly releasing premium EV line-ups.
  • Its lack of profitability may pose headwinds to its valuations as well, since the management may continue relying on stock sales or debt leveraging in the intermediate term.
  • With LCID about to launch its SUV Gravity by 2023 and start production by 2024, it is unsurprising that Mr. Market remains bearish due to the potential increase in capital expenditure.
  • Alternatively, the PIF may actually be planning to acquire LCID, as it intended to do with TSLA in 2018.
  • It would allow LCID to access the immense assets worth $607.42B, possibly bankrolling the company’s expansion over the next decade.

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The Premium Thesis Is Compelling

Lucid Group, Inc (NASDAQ:LCID) has been heavily battered, after it only delivered 4.36K vehicles in 2022, compared to the original guidance of up to 14K in the

LCID 1Y Stock Price

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