Meta Platforms Is Dialing Back In


  • While the notion of a metaverse is much maligned, the broad concept represents the future of communication.
  • Meta is one of the best positioned to capitalize on a fundamental shift in communication platform technologies, with 3.74 billion users.
  • The share price collapse may have been an overreaction or a negative market signal regarding Meta’s growth trajectory.
  • Consensus estimates need to increase by 50% just to reach the most bearish analyst estimates as of the March 17, 2022 Meta report.
  • The key question is will Meta be a dominant communication platform in the future?
Classic British red colored pay telephone booths in London, England, UK

Hammarby Studios

The above image of a telephone booth highlights the essence of Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META) as a communication services provider. It also gets to the heart of the matter, which is the manner in which we communicate, as well as the platforms we

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