Meta Platforms: Q4 Earnings Update, Our Approach Now


  • Meta announced its Q4 earnings, exceeding expectations on the top line by 1.5%, but falling short on the bottom line by 20.8%.
  • Following a disappointing Q3 earnings call, Meta appears to have gained insight into and appreciation for the needs and desires of its investors.
  • The key highlights from the announcement included an increase in share buybacks, reductions in capital expenditures, and a lowered outlook for operating expenses.
  • Due to a 50% surge in its stock price since our last report and an updated valuation, we have adjusted our position in META towards an index.

Facebook Changes Its Name To "Meta"

Leon Neal

By Antonio Velardo

Investment Thesis

Since the release of new earnings by Meta (NASDAQ:META), we have been following up on our last report, which got a very positive response. After our last report, META has shown a very

Moat Investing Graphs by Antonio Velardo

Moat Investing

Moat Investing graphs by Antonio Velardo - Share based compensation of META

Moat Investing

Moat Investing statement for META by antonio Velardo

Moat Investing

EPV by Antonio Velardo (Moat Investing)

Moat Investing

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