Pfizer: The Chart Looks Like A Bottom, But Is The Dividend Safe?


  • A monthly chart of PFE using Worden’s TC2000 Gold shows the stock oversold on a monthly basis.
  • A stock with a 5.8-6% dividend yield in today’s market immediately draws attention.
  • Is the dividend sustainable, and will the pharma giant be able to sustain the current $0.42 per quarter ($1.68 per year) dividend pace and also continue to boost that dividend at a $0.04 per year (one penny per quarter) rate?

Pfizer Canada head office in Kirkland, Quebec, Canada.


A couple of weeks ago, this blog’s technician (Gary S. Morrow) shot me a message, noting that he thought Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) was putting in a longer-term bottom.

The above chart, which is a monthly chart of PFE using Worden’s

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