Taking A Deep Dive Into 3M’s Capital Allocation


  • We briefly discuss the importance of capital allocation decisions by executive officers.
  • We take a close look at 3M’s capital allocations over the past 10 years.
  • We highlight those that we believe have made sense for long-term shareholders, versus those that are more questionable.
  • Our review is rather mixed overall, and investors are justified in keeping a close eye on how the company allocates excess cash going forward.

Prague, Czech republic - May 22, 2017: 3M company logo on headquarters building


The importance of capital allocation

A corporate management team is responsible for ensuring the long-term success of a company on behalf of its shareholders. To this end, much of their attention is focused on the more apparent aspects of operating a

3M capital allocation analysis

3M capital allocation analysis (Refinitiv)

R&D, SG&A, Capex as a % of sales. Breakdown of sales change. Margins and returns

R&D, SG&A, Capex as a % of sales. Breakdown of sales change. Margins and returns (Refinitiv, 10-Ks)

Dividend profile

Dividend profile 2003-2022 (Refinitiv)

Stock buybacks & issuance

Stock buybacks & issuance (10-Ks)

Stock buybacks & issuance

Stock buybacks & issuance (10-Ks)

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