Tesla Is Desperate For A Catalyst, And Master Plan 3 Wasn’t It


  • Elon Musk introduced Master Plan 3 for Tesla, Inc. during the March 1st Investor Day presentation.
  • Key items that investors wanted to know more of were largely absent, though, making the event not much more than a generic presentation of Tesla’s forward growth aspirations.
  • The lack of follow-through on previously taunted catalysts was enough to stem the stock’s recent rally, as Tesla’s valuation disconnect from its fundamentals buckles.

Tesla Factory casting foundry facilities, Lathrop, California

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Tesla, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) Investor Day yesterday was underwhelming to say the least. The momentum that Elon Musk & Co. had built up over the “generation 3 platform” reporting Tesla’s second consecutive quarterly delivery miss in early January quickly fizzled, with management simply citing more

Tesla historical price performance

Notable Tesla rallies in recent years (Tesla Stock)

Tesla vehicle delivery forecast

Tesla vehicle delivery forecast (Author)

Tesla financial forecast

Tesla financial forecast (Author)

Tesla valuation analysis

Tesla steady-state valuation analysis (Author)

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