Abbott Laboratories: The 3 Issues That Will Define 2023 Performance


  • Abbott’s share price is down 9% year-on-year – a rare occurrence for a company used to steady upside.
  • The company earned an additional $8bn per annum from COVID test revenues in 2021 and 2022.
  • Abbott’s Sturgis plant will be investigated by the DoJ in relation to baby powder that has been linked to two infant deaths.
  • The launch of Freestyle Libre 3 in 2023 will be critical to the company’s share price performance. Abbott’s CEO sees it as a $10bn p.a. revenue product.
  • These three issues – falling COVID revenues, infant formula manufacturing fallout, and Freestyle Libre 3 launch, will dictate Abbott’s share price performance in 2023. After 2023, Abbott may morph back into the company investors know and love.
Illinois Drugmaker Under Investigation By State Attorney General

Tim Boyle

Investment Overview – Ways To Assess The Opportunity With Abbott

There are key ways to look at an investment in Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT), the Illinois-based healthcare giant that has achieved a market cap of $192bn (at the time of writing) largely based

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