American Tower: Buy The Dip


  • The recent decline in the American Tower Corporation share price provides an opportunity to buy the stock cheaply, as the dividend yield is now at historically high levels.
  • American Tower is engaged in wireless communications and is growing rapidly due to the increased use of wireless technology.
  • Management has an excellent track record of operating the business.
  • American Tower stock’s valuation shows value and suggests the stock is worth buying.

Landscape with cell phone communication tower



American Tower’s (NYSE:AMT) share price has fallen since its all-time high in the third quarter of 2021. The stock is a real estate investment trust (“REIT”), and investors see opportunity with this lower share price, while dividends are still expected

Growth in Key Financial Metrics - AMT's 3Q22 Presentation

Growth in Key Financial Metrics (AMT’s 3Q22 Presentation)

Dividend Growth History - Seeking Alpha AMT Ticker Page

Dividend Growth History (Seeking Alpha AMT Ticker Page)

AMT's Cash Flow Highlights - SEC and author's own calculations

AMT’s Cash Flow Highlights (SEC and author’s own calculations)

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