Arrival May Struggle To Stay Afloat


  • Arrival has reorganized its business in a shift to cut costs and start production as its liquidity dries up.
  • Arrival announced $513M in cash plus a $300M ATM equity program in August, but by the end of Q3, Arrival backed away from the ATM and reported $330M in cash.
  • The startup has also paused its car and bus projects to favor van production, but it has already missed some start-of-production deadlines.
  • Arrival’s convertible note trades in distress at just under 31, and combined with the liquidity profile and UPS’ option to walk away, the company may struggle to stay afloat.

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Arrival (NASDAQ:ARVL) is a far cry from the original production, vehicle, and revenue targets that it outlined for investors to garner a $13 billion valuation on its first trading day after originally being

Arrival revenue and delivery targets FY22 to FY25


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