Capital One Is Still Operating At Great Levels


  • Capital One posted solid revenue growth in 2022 due to the rising rate environment.
  • But provision for losses took a bite out of net income, returning to pre-pandemic levels.
  • This is a change from prior years, as credit metrics worsen.
  • Although the trend is clear, I think these metrics and operations are reverting to the average.

Capitol One To Layoff 1,100 Tech Workers

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Capital One Financial (NYSE:COF) has posted outstanding results for the fiscal year 2022, but the trends in credit metrics have overshadowed them. The credit metrics, specifically charge-offs & delinquencies, have seen upward trends. That being said, it seems to be just a

Capital One Net Interest Margin

Capital One Net Interest Margin (

Capital One Charge-Off Rates

Capital One Charge-Off Rates (

Capital One Delinquency Rates

Capital One Delinquency Rates (

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