Disney: Changes Signal Sharper Focus On Profitability, Upgrade To Buy


  • Returning CEO Bob Iger announced a cost reduction program and an organizational restructure that has the potential to deliver a much sharper focus on DTC profitability.
  • The obsession with growing streaming subscriber numbers at almost any cost is over.
  • The Parks, Experiences and Products segment continues to perform strongly.
  • Investors should be prepared for a major restructure and impairment charge in the months ahead.
  • With signs that DIS will have a much greater focus on profitability going forward, I upgrade to a Buy rating.
Mickey"s On Top

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The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) reported 1Q23 results on 08 February 2023. Back in November 2022, the market reacted positively to news that Bob Iger would return for another stint in the CEO seat; whether the bounce in the share

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