How Apple And Disney Are Taking Similar Strategic Approaches To Maximize Key Growth Area


  • Sports was a main area of content that Netflix overlooked from the start, opening the door for its rivals to use it as a foothold to gain on them.
  • For Apple and Disney specifically, they have dug their cleats into this space in a more strategic way which resonates with investors as it opens more sizable revenue streams.
  • Following its MLS deal, Apple recognized that while it could also pursue a larger NFL package, taking over the Super Bowl halftime show would be far more impactful and cheaper.
  • Disney using sports as part of its overall streaming play has been successful and the bundle aspect is a key cog in its wheelhouse – with upcoming deals only strengthening its position.
  • While there are other streamers doing sports, what sets Apple and Disney apart is they aren’t just showcasing content, they are helping to shape how its consumed in a larger way.
Arizona-2023 Super Bowl LVII Stadium in Glendale Sportsman"s Park


113 million.

That’s how many people watched the Super Bowl this year – and that’s on average, at times it was even higher.

For the ad community the big game is their big moment and for companies having a piece

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