Nvidia: After Surging 48%, It’s Time For An Update (Technical Analysis, Rating Downgrade)


  • Investors who followed my last calls on NVDA could top their return at 48% profit over the past month.
  • The stock has reached the previously set target, it’s time to reconsider the risk profile and update the contingency plan.
  • In this technical article, I discuss important price levels and metrics that investors could consider to gain an edge over the stock’s likely price action.
  • By considering multiple outcomes and setting up an adequate contingency plan, investors are less inclined to act driven by emotions, as this could come at a higher cost.
  • NVIDIA’s stock has formed wave 3 and is expected to start wave 4, increasing the risk of a retracement, leading me to downgrade NVDA to a hold position.
Finance And Investment Concept - Line Graph With Arrowhead Moving Up Over Stop Text And Red Bull"s Eye Target On Blue background

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NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) has achieved stellar performance over the past month, leading the stock to break out from its downtrend and reach the target I suggested on January 12, 2022, while upgrading NVDA to a buy position. As the stock and the industry benchmark

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