Intel Is Collapsing


  • Two quarters after delivering a kitchen sink quarter, Intel is at it again with incredibly low Q1 guidance.
  • Intel continued to ship markedly below PC sales due to the inventory correction.
  • If EPS can decline by 80-90% due to the downturn, then in the upturn, it could rise again by 5-10x, or even more as the spending reductions materialize.
  • Intel remains a solid investment opportunity based on 2025 catalysts that include renewed process and data center leadership, and emerging foundry, graphics and Mobileye businesses providing additional growth.

Entrance of The Intel Museum in Silicon Valley.

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Investment thesis

As predicted (Intel: Tough 2023 Ahead), Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) is going to have a tough 2023, but it is going to be even tougher than expected. The confluence of the 7nm (now called Intel

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