Google: I’m Buying The DOJ Panic


  • Recently, Alphabet (hereafter referred to as “Google”) stock dipped 2.5% on a day when the NASDAQ-100 fell a mere 0.18%.
  • GOOG most likely tumbled because of news that the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) was suing the company.
  • The lawsuit will attempt to get Google to unwind part of its advertising business.
  • The DOJ has a poor track record with anti-trust lawsuits seeking to break up companies.
  • A large settlement is possible, but Google will likely remain intact as a business after the dust settles.

Parent Company Of Google, Alphabet Reports Quarterly Earnings

Justin Sullivan

On Wednesday, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) slipped 2.5%, when the NASDAQ-100 only fell 0.18% on the same day. The stock’s move coincided with news that the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) was suing the company for anti-competitive practices, specifically in its

Google's market shares as alleged by the DOJ

Google’s market shares as alleged by the DOJ (The Department of Justice)

Google doubleclick market share

Google doubleclick market share (Datanyze)

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