Intel: Headwinds Are Significant And Future Highly Uncertain


  • Intel is facing significant challenges in the near-term as its financials are quickly deteriorating and the company is struggling with macroeconomic headwinds.
  • Intel has had a terrible decade in which it faced many technical challenges, resulting in it falling behind the competition.
  • While the recently released financials were once again horrible (as was the outlook), Intel does look like its on schedule regarding its product releases and technological progress.
  • While the thesis is overly negative, government incentives and new node releases are positives for Intel. The company also still holds a significant position in the PC x86 CPU market.
  • In my eyes, the future remains highly uncertain. There seems to be a lot depending on the success of the ambitious turnaround resulting in significant operational risks, making it a risky investment.

Intel Processor Core i7



Over the last several months I have initiated coverage of multiple semiconductor companies on Seeking Alpha and the story with most of these companies was one of stellar outperformance over the last decade. Take Nvidia (NVDA

Intel product portfolio

Intel product portfolio (Intel)

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4Q22 financial results (Intel)

Intel quarterly CCG revenue

Intel quarterly CCG revenue (Statista)

Afbeelding met tafel Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Intel financial results FY22 (Intel)

Intel revenue growth

Intel revenue growth (Statista)

PC X86 chip market share between Intel and AMD

PC X86 chip market share between Intel and AMD (Statista)

Afbeelding met tafel Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Intel EPS estimates (Seeking Alpha)

Intel revenue estimates

Intel revenue estimates (Seeking Alpha)

Foundry market

Foundry market (Statista)

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