Lucid Motors And Rivian: Growth Plans Could Be Thwarted By A Raw Materials Shortage


  • Three critical battery metals, lithium, nickel, and cobalt, are all positioned to enter a significant shortage by 2024 that is expected to last throughout the rest of the decade.
  • This issue is made worse by the fact that there are few alternatives to these metals and, in the case of lithium, there are none.
  • While other automakers have been able to secure supply by communicating directly with miners, Lucid and Rivian lack the size, money, and power to do so.
  • This shortage will impact both companies’ competitive strength, vehicle output, and ability to maintain profitability.
  • This risk seems to be largely overlooked and stands to severely limit the growth of both companies, therefore implying a significant overvaluation at current prices.

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Supply chains have gained a lot of attention over the past few years, especially in the automotive sector. But as most automakers are now on the tail end of having to deal with parts shortages, I believe electric vehicle (“EV”) makers are just

Time for a new lithium project to production


Future lithium supply

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Albemarle lithium demand projection


Nickel supply vs demand

Rystad Energy

Impact on critical battery metals, such as lithium, on total battery cost

Storage Lab

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