Microsoft: The Valuation Is Too Rich For This Behemoth


  • Microsoft is down over 20% from its peak in the fall of 2021, but shares still trade at a premium valuation of 26.7x earnings.
  • MSFT is in the news for its recent investment in OpenAI (the company behind Chat GPT) and ongoing regulatory drama with the acquisition of Activision.
  • The company continues to buy back stock despite the rich valuation.
  • Investors can count on continued dividend growth on top of the current 1.1% yield.
  • With a market cap near $2T, I have a hard time seeing how the stock will outperform moving forward simply due to the massive size of the company.

FILE PHOTO Federal Judge Throws Out Five Lawsuits Against Microsoft

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It’s been a while since my last article on Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), the tech giant with a market cap of $1.85T. That article was in May, and shares are down about 10% since then. While I prefer Microsoft’s stock to other

Microsoft Price/Earnings

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