Netflix: Demand Drives Bottom Bounce (Technical Analysis)


  • This is a technical analysis artcle. Successful bottom fishing is highly respected on Wall St. because it is so difficult to do. It is easier to be a lemming.
  • All the pros are contrarians, buying on weakness and selling into strength. However, they will avoid stocks diving to find a bottom.
  • Likewise they will wait until the bottoming process is played out and the stock is ready to make its move off the bottom. However, bottom fishers don’t wait, they buy.
  • As the market moves into recession during 2023, many stocks will be diving to the bottom. Some stocks, like Netflix will be coming up from their bottom.
  • The nice part about bottom fishing a stock like Netflix is that it now has little downside risk, because it has already bottomed. It’s already starting to improve.
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Bottom fishing provides big rewards with little downside risk, provided you know your fundamentals and know how to pick the winners like Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) which is close to doubling after hitting bottom. Some stocks that dive to the bottom, will never

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