Netflix May Have Beat Expectations, But It Also May Have Missed The Point


  • Recently, it has begun to look like Netflix experienced a turnaround from the rocky position it entered at the start of the year.
  • It wasn’t just “one” thing that helped with the about face, more so a collection of steps that eventually resulted in a positive earnings period.
  • Although despite the recent strong reporting, one can still get the sense it might be too soon to fear the worst is over and we’re back to smooth streaming.
  • While Netflix is adding an ad tier, cutting spending and working with theaters, each of those approaches carry question marks – chief among them if they will actually help long term.
  • For example, Netflix already teased ramping up spending (again) and pulling back on its new theatrical alliance. Some also question if the ad tier will prompt subscribers to downgrade plans.

Netflix To Report Quarterly Earnings

Brandon Bell

It has become a self-fulfilling prophecy that streaming has turned into the Wild West. And that’s not just with reporting in data, but with changing trends and taste… anything truly does go in this brave new digital world.

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