Nvidia: Still A Long-Term Growth Story


  • Financial performance from Nvidia Corporation has been anything but good over the last couple of quarters, with YoY growth turning negative.
  • Despite recent bad performance, Nvidia is still exposed to strong growth drivers across its segments.
  • The gaming segment will most likely have seen its peak, and I do not expect this segment to report record revenues anytime in the next few years.
  • While the share price has dropped by over 60% YTD, Nvidia is still not cheap and remains slightly overvalued, as I calculate a fair price of $140 per share.
  • I foresee a bright future for Nvidia, but the current valuation makes it hard to recommend buying the stock right now.

Semiconductor Maker Nvidia Reports Quarterly Earnings

Justin Sullivan


Semiconductors are called “the oil of the future,” meaning these will be, and increasingly become, the drivers of our society, in a similar way as oil has fulfilled this exact role since the industrial revolution. As a result, it should come as no

Nvidia revenue growth history


Nvidia revenue

Nvidia revenue (Nvidia)

Nvidia gaming revenues

Nvidia Gaming revenues (Nvidia)

Nvidia outlook for 4Q23

Nvidia outlook for 4Q23 (Nvidia)

AI possibilities

AI possibilities (Nvidia)

Nvidia H100 performance comparison

Nvidia H100 performance comparison (Nvidia)

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