Opendoor: The Future ‘Amazon Of Real Estate’ At A Compelling Valuation


  • Like many SPACs, Opendoor has seen its stock get obliterated amidst the tech stock crash.
  • The stock is trading just around $1 per share – the original SPAC price was $10 per share and the stock previously traded higher than $30 per share.
  • Unlike most SPACs, Opendoor had been crushing its initial SPAC estimates heading into this year.
  • The tough macro environment has significantly elevated the risk for the real estate i-Buyer.
  • Opendoor has already launched its third-party Marketplace offering in select cities – that represents a sizable long term opportunity.

Residential District With Luxury Villas, Walking Path And Palm Trees

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Amidst a rising interest rate environment, Opendoor (NASDAQ:OPEN) has found its stock price and its fundamentals thrashed left and right. This is a name which had previously distinguished itself as one of the few SPACs

Data by YCharts

homes sold

2022 Q3 Shareholder Letter

homes acquired

2022 Q3 Shareholder Letter

contribution margin

2022 Q3 Shareholder Letter

adjusted EBITDA

2022 Q3 Shareholder Letter

mortgage rates

2022 Q3 Shareholder Letter


2022 Q3 Shareholder Letter

PSU plan

2022 DEF14A

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