Tesla: Fair Value Still Below Current Price


  • Tesla mania is over and the bottom is still a long way off.
  • Tesla’s fair value is far below the current price.
  • The perception toward the Tesla brand is changing in my opinion.
Tesla"s Stock Hits Two And Half Year Low As Analysts Continue Downgrading The Company

Justin Sullivan

It was not so long ago since my last article where I explained my reasons for why Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) around $220 was to be avoided at all costs, yet in such a short time the stock has lost about 50%. Everything I

Market Cap (millions $) FCF LTM (millions $) MC/FCF
Tesla $ 384,677 $ 8,912 43.16
Apple $ 2,066,941 $ 111,443 18.55
Saudi Aramco $ 1,878,061 $ 147,808 12.71

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Additional disclosure: Not a financial advice, just my opinion.

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