Tesla Is Running Low In Power (Technical Analysis)


  • TSLA has formed a massive 114% short-term rally which is now giving signs of exhaustion.
  • The stock is likely heading into more weakness while investors could wait and see if support may build up.
  • In this technical article, I show important price levels and metrics that investors could consider for gaining an edge on the stock’s likely price action.
  • By considering multiple outcomes and setting up an adequate contingency plan, investors are less inclined to act driven by emotions, as this could come at a higher cost.
  • I continue to rank TSLA as a hold position, while I would still avoid any new or further exposure to the stock.

Battery charge Levels

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Tesla, Inc. stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) is facing an important technical situation that could lead to forming a new uptrend or instead seeing the stock retracing dangerously into new lows. The recent rally gives signs of exhaustion, while

Sectors 1Y vs 1M


Auto Manufacturers vs Consumer Cyclical 1Y vs 1M


DRIV vs IWM 26.02.2023

Author, using TradingView

TSLA Actual Situation Weekly 26.02.2023

Author, using TradingView

TSLA Likely Outcome 26.02.2023

Author, using TradingView

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