Tesla: The Noise And The Reality


  • Tesla recalling 362,758 vehicles, or is that just a software upgrade?
  • Tesla is surrounded by what I call “noise,” things that could go wrong but that are not of much significance (other than to shorters).
  • And then there’s reality, which is that Tesla is not just a car company but a major player in the energy and transport revolution.
  • Even as a car company, it’s different as it chooses a small number of products which are profitable and paradigm changing.
  • The key new developments are the Tesla Semi which shows BEVs will dominate heavy transport, the Cybertruck, which is an evolving enigma, and Full self-driving.
Tesla coil with blue lightning

AntonChechotkin/iStock via Getty Images

Jack Fitzgerald of Car & Driver had some fun a few days ago with a headline screaming that Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) was recalling 362,758 vehicles in the US in relation to full self-driving crash risk. Great headline, but it was

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