Texas Instruments: Safe And Increasing Dividend, But Risky Price


  • Texas Instruments is a high-quality business with a proven track record of exceptional dividend growth and yield, however, it is trading at a level that represents very high short-term risk.
  • Our pattern-recognition software suggests that TXN has a little over $24 of short-term downside risk at the current price of $174.
  • We are buyers at $148.30 and under, a relationship to a simple moving average that has generated high returns over the last six months.

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Texas Instruments Inc. (Nasdaq: TXN) is a leading semiconductor company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The $150B+ market cap company designs, manufactures, and sells analog and embedded processing chips. For Q4 2022, TXN expects revenue to be between $4.4-$4.8B. This implies 2022 revenue of between $19.7-$20.1B, a year-over-year increase of

TXN Return On Assets

TXN Return On Assets (www.dividendrisk.com)

TXN Return On Assets Analysis

TXN Return On Assets Analysis (www.dividendrisk.com)

TXN Financial Strength

TXN Financial Strength (www.dividendrisk.com)

Texas Instruments

TXN Profitability (www.dividendrisk.com)

TXN recent momentum

Texas Instruments Recent Momentum (www.riskresearch.com)

Texas Instruments Intrinsic Value

Texas Instruments Intrinsic Value (www.dividendrisk.com)

TXN Dividend CAGR

TXN Dividend CAGR (Company report)

TXN dividend coverage

Texas Instruments Dividend Coverage (www.dividendrisk.com)

TXN Buy Sell Algo

TXN Buy Sell Algo (www.dividendrisk.com)

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