Apple’s ‘Golden’ Moment


  • AAPL is on the verge of completing a golden cross formation, which technical analysts consider a bullish pattern.
  • Golden cross occurs when a stock’s shorter-term moving average (in this case the 50-DMA) crosses up through a longer-term moving average (in this case the 200-DMA) as both are rising.
  • In the post-iPod era, AAPL has experienced five iron crosses, with the most recent being in March 2024.

Apple Store at 5th Ave in Manhattan, New York City


For over a year now, shares of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL, NEOE:AAPL:CA) have been stuck between the low $160s and the high $190s as the market impatiently waits for the company to outline its AI strategy. In just the last seven

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