Comcast Is Facing Short-Term Challenges, But Fundamentals Remain Solid


  • We believe that Comcast’s tepid broadband net adds put pressure on the stock. Fixed wireless, with its aggressive pricing, took the net adds share. Fiber overbuilders also intensify the competition.
  • Comcast’s spectrum split and DOCSIS 4.0 upgrades can help the company compete with FWA and fiber overbuilders in network performance and marketing claims.
  • Further, affordable mobile plans, which we see as a unique value proposition for internet, should remain a growth engine. Millions of Xfinity internet users have not yet subscribed to mobile.
  • After a 35% rally, the stock has an upside but does not provide a comfortable margin of safety. Still, Comcast consistently generates massive cash flows with relatively stable debt level.
  • Risks remain if customers still see cheap internet prices as a top priority, and MNOs start being more aggressive in their mobile plans, which can slow down Comcast’s efforts to acquire new mobile subscribers.

Comcast Xfinity Service Van


Investment Thesis

Although we see short-term challenges, we believe Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) can better compete with fiber and FWA with its network upgrades. Further, mobile has ample room for growth, as millions of Xfinity internet users have not yet subscribed to

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Cable's broadband net adds

Cable’s broadband net adds (Companies)

FWA's net adds

FWA’s net adds (Companies)

Cable's mobile net adds (thousand)

Cable’s mobile net adds (thousand) (Companies)

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Data by YCharts

Data by YCharts
Cash flow margins (%)

Cash flow margins (%) (Company)

Comcast's debt maturities as of 4Q21 ($ million)

Comcast’s debt maturities as of 4Q21 ($ million) (Company)

Our 10-year reverse DCF model

Our 10-year reverse DCF model (Vektor Research)

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