Google, Bing, And ChatGPT: Cutting Through The Hype


  • Many investors now believe that Google’s business is under existential threat from the likes of ChatGPT and generative AI technology.
  • Yet, gets 1.25% of the visits that does on a global level: they’re simply not in the same league.
  • Additionally, the ‘simple search’ user experience as it now stands is good as it is, for reasons outlined below.
  • Furthermore, Google is an elite AI player, albeit somewhat behind in the initial rush to commercialization.
  • In sum, Google and its core search offering will be just fine, in my view. Search Engine

zodebala/iStock Unreleased via Getty Images


ChatGPT has been the talk of the town since it first released in Q4 2022. Hailed as a groundbreaking technology and the ‘killer app’ for generative artificial intelligence, the technology has polarized investors, the media, and corporate boardrooms around the 2.9.23 2.9.23 2.9.23 2.9.23 2.9.23 2.9.23 2.9.23 2.9.23

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