Google’s Artificial Intelligence Is Not Quite That Intelligent Yet


  • From now on, Google will have to move forward with a perpetual headwind from AI for its most lucrative business, Search.
  • Google seems to be in the perfect storm consisting of a cyclical downturn, antitrust litigation, competition in artificial intelligence and economic headwinds.
  • Google is still in the closed beta phase for its AI model and does not have the pioneer advantage currently enjoyed by ChatGPT and Bing/Microsoft Edge.
  • We have our doubts about LaMDA’s capabilities compared to its competitors based on analyzing yesterday’s announcements and internal memos.

3D rendered classic sculpture Metaverse avatar with network of low-poly glowing purple lines


Alphabet/Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is off to a rocky start this year, with this year marking a year of uncertainty for Google as it faces multiple serious threats from multiple fronts to what once seemed like an untouchable

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Google Bard James Webb Space Telescope

Google Blog

ChatGPT vs Bard

ChatGPT (OpenAI)

The Information OpenAI Google

The Information

Time To Reach 100M Active Users ChatGPT

UBS/Yahoo Finance

ChatGPT At Capacity

ChatGPT (OpenAI)

Bing AI Waitlist

Bing AI

Google Free Cash Flow Segments

Trefis Data

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