Micron Was Obliterated


  • Micron Technology, Inc. fiscal Q1 earnings were very mixed.
  • Expectations are everything.
  • Valuation cues from the last few downturns provide some clues as to where Micron Technology stock will bottom, assuming $50 per share or so does not hold.
  • We see a turn happening in late 2023.

Tornado In Stormy Landscape - Climate Change And Natural Disaster Concept


There is no doubt from either bulls or bears that the semiconductor sector has been demolished. The former believe we are at long-term value levels, while the bears see massive headwinds ahead for a few more quarters as we dip


Micron Q1 release

Micron pres

Micron Q1 presentation

Q1 sliode MU

Micron Q1 slides

Micron value

Seeking Alpha Micron Value

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